Our Vote — a Declaration of Independence from Tyranny

Mike Flynn
2 min readNov 6, 2020

With my vote I signed a Declaration of Independence from the specter of a tyrannical leadership. Our soon-to-be-past president has lacked the wisdom and empathy required to lead a nation founded on a vision of fighting for liberty at all costs. We have never been a nation of equality but we have strived — through tremendous adversity and pain — for the ideal of liberty.

Donald Trump you have not chosen a path of honesty and ideals, you and your enablers including many senators who have not yet summoned the courage to fight for liberty at their own cost, have allowed you to dangle the threat that you will not respect the most sacred institution of our democracy to honor the vote of the people.

You and your enablers must stand down, America, for all its flaws, is spiritually embodied by an ideal of a greater unity of humanity.

Live your personal life of opulence in your Florida mansion but it is time to leave our most sacred office of the people.

You have faced a fight you did not win against hundreds of millions of people from all colors of skin, all religions and all heritages against your desire to pit us against ourselves.

I and hundreds of millions of Americans are united in standing up to your lack of spiritual and ethical backbone and have held you to account for breaking your sacred oath to unite and protect our country.

There is a tremendous amount of healing, learning, and work to be done in our country. There are so many millions of people who are understandably angry, frustrated, sad, and worst of all apathetic and disillusioned. It’s now time for each of us to do the non-glamorous spiritual work of democracy to assess how we got here, to put aside differences and to help one another as fellow Americans facing great challenges.

Michael Richard Flynn



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